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Traverse unknown planets, complete missions, and enjoy space walking in VR without motion sickness.

VektoR is a single-player gamified tutorial specifically designed and developed for EKTO VR boots first-time users.

​(Sound on recommended)


Ekto Boots + HTC vive + Unity3D + Ekto SDK

My Role


The Team

3D Artist

​UX Designer

Jan - May 2023
(4 months)

Ray Xie, Minkyung Shin, Abhijeet Singh Malhi, Jingyuan Fang, Yuchan Wu, Hsuan-Ju Wang

截屏2023-06-08 下午2.59.44.png
截屏2023-06-08 下午2.56.05.png

Project Goal

Developing a 5-minute interactive VR tutorial for first-time users of EKTO boots in expo or trade show settings.

1. Aid users in achieving a seamless and intuitive walking experience, ensuring their comfort.
2. Highlight the boots' key benefit of minimizing motion sickness for users.
3. Craft captivating and immersive moments that left a lasting impression on trade show attendees, fostering engagement.


Design Restrictions

Hardware: Ekto Boots + HTC vive + vive tracker

Software: Unity 3D + Ekto SDK  (Maya, Houdini, Zbrush, Substance 3D Painter&Designer, Ps, Ai, Figma...)

Work with EKTO ONE

EKTO ONE’s motorized footwear enables movement in all directions, making it easy for beginners to feel comfortable during their stay in the virtual world.

The key features for the Ekto boots are: 

Avoid Motion Sickness and disorientation, intuitive to walk in VR, and Prevent bumping into obstacles.

The Tech

截屏2023-06-11 下午1.15.49.png

Make sense of the boot's weight

Time limitation (5-8min)

Avoid additional motion sickness

Spaceship - Scene Rendering in Maya

Spaceship - in Game Art & UI

Planet - in Maya & in Game