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3D Character - THE HUNTER

Character modeling and concepting using Maya, Zbrush and Procreate.

Personal Projects


The Character Setting

Concept Art

- Who is the character?

A: He is a 67 years old male who used to be a hunter. 


- What does the character do?

A: He was the best hunter in the village, and is now retired. Because of his ability and prestige, he is respected by many people. Young hunters would visit him for hunting experience sometimes. (The hunter would wear the well-decorated outfit for some big events.)

- What is the character’s personality?

A: He is brave, determined, and cold-blooded

- What environment does the character live in?

A: The character lives in a village in Tibetan area by himself after retirement.

A: Large temperature difference between day and night.

A: Aboriginal people worship force and freedom.

Work Progress

Model Details

f 1_edited.jpg
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