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The House of Nymph

Final Rendering

​(Sound on recommended)


3D Artists

Tools & Engine

5 weeks

Ray (Yutian) Xie
Anlan Yang

MAYA, Z-Brush,

Speed Tree, Procreate

Unreal Engine 5

Substance 3D Painter


World Settings

Nymph is the guardian elf of the forest who lives in the mother tree of this forest. She is a happy and lively elf who likes eating fruits and decorating her home with beautiful flowers.

The Tree growing in the heart of the forest absorbs the nutrients and also gives back the energy to this area, helping the creatures and plants in the forest to thrive. In the center of the tree is a hollow where Nymph has built her home, where she guards the tree and the forest.

Concept Art

644ad16df8d5135ae78524ea_forest sketch-p-500.png
644ad16d5d44e23481436699_未命名作品 (16)-p-500.png
WeChat Image_20230406144811.jpg
WeChat Image_20230427115723.jpg

Process in Unreal Engine 5

Final Render

Modeling Process

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