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I am Home is a first-person VR interactive storytelling horror game using Unity and Oculus Quest 2 developed

in 2 weeks. The player plays as the husband coming back from work and found his wife missing in the house. 

In this game development, a mythical, haunted house with lots of freedom is the key experience we want to create.

As the player proceeds the game, there will be a strings of clues telling a tragic story about why the house is haunted.

We intended to make the environment mysterious, quiet, and dark.

Various kinds of lighting is used in order to limit the scale of view and create a sense of  horror. 

The Team: 

Chao Li & Shan Jiang - Programmer

Ray (Yutian Xie) - Artist/Sound Designer

Xiaoying Meng & Yongzi Ye - Artist

Tool Used: 

Illustrator - Graphic Design
Photoshop - Texture/illustration/2D
Audacity - Dialogues/SFX design

Unity - Coding + Lighting
Maya - Model
Substance Painter - Texture

Game Showcase

Turn up the volume for a better experience!

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